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is a fully staffed and integrated production and entertainment company, consisting of booking and management, development and production, syndication and publishing divisions. Each division is staffed and directed by industry professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the entertainment industry. A large part of the booking and management of acts; originated in Oklahoma, Texas and Nashville. Early concentration was in Ft. Worth, Texas, Cow Town District. Deep Red Productions has formed and managed “The New Texas Playboys”, “Johnny and the Fireballs”, “Jason Meadows” etc.

We have produced TV and film in cooperation with Granite House Productions of Austin, Texas. Some of these productions include, “The Yellow Rose of Texas”, “The Nashville Gospel Music Hour” and “The Power Lunch Gospel Hour” both hosted and emceed by Ronnie Bishop. Deep Red Production’s major presence during the 1980’s and 90’s, in Ft. Worth was under the direction of Mr. Fred Mendoza, who at the time, was involved in the discovery, development and signing of LeAnn Rimes, Steve Holly and others. Jason Meadows, of the “Nashville Star” was signed to a management and production contract in 2000 by our President and CEO Mr. William Jones, where he diligently worked the entertainment venues and circuits of Nashville. Jason is a tremendous talent, with a beautiful wife (Amber), and son to support him 100%. We currently manage three new hot sensation acts from Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Carolina.

DRP Publishing currently has in house writers that have penned number one hits by numerous great artists. DRP is a people company; in the business of helping other people achieve and further their dreams. The entertainment business is a people business. People are the main asset. Any CEO or company that fails to recognize that fact will also fail to reach its goals and those of its clients. The company has consistently and steadily grown since its formation in 1985, by Mr. Jones. However, the people that staff and direct the day to day operations of the following divisions are irreplaceable and are the reason for this growth and success.



is run and directed by William A. Jones and associate manager Mr. Fred Mendoza. Both have a very successful track record and years of experience working with Name Acts (Stars), like LeAnn Rimes, Steve Holy, Jason Meadows, Claude Gray and the development of new acts. William, as chairman of Gospel Music International, also works closely with the huge Christian music industry, which all headquarter in Nashville.

Most of these value the experience and exposure their artists have gained over the years through their appearances on many of GMI’s TV shows and productions. One of these shows “The Nashville Gospel Music Hour” gave Jason Meadows and others their first opportunity for TV exposure. Jason, through his hard work and talent went on to “Nashville Star” in 2004 and his debut album in 2007.



is run and directed by VP of A+R Ronnie Bishop.  Ronnie has many years of T.V., radio and recording experience.  He has worked with network affiliates and most major studios, engineers and producers in Nashville at one time or another.  These decades of industry relationships and knowledge are very valuable to our clients.

Kyle brings a young, modern, fresh production when he’s in the studio. He graduated with degrees in Modern Music and Christian Ministry from the Visible Music College in Memphis. His creative abilities, knowledge, music education and degrees are assets for DRP and our clients. 



is overseen by Mr. Al Shore, who is recognized by his peers as an icon in the delivery of productions to the viewing public of America.  His resume, history and character speak for themselves and are above reproach.  Deals can be put together and consummated solely through his involvement and word of approval.  These abilities to do business with the various networks and national sponsors, has been instrumental in the developmental of “Music Row Live” and our other T.V. productions.



is operated by Fred Mendoza and Cami Jones. Fred works the music venues and showcases in Nashville. He has a huge connection and interaction with the creative community to include, writers, musicians and producers.  Cami is steadily involving herself more in the industry. She has had to return to Texas and Oklahoma the past few years to care for her grandmother. This relocation allows her to be readily available to clients in those areas. The talent pool from these two states has been endless.  If not for Texas and Oklahoma, there would be no Nashville, as we know it. 



are handled directly by William Jones.  He works on a daily basis with Mr. Tommy Longaberger, a prominent Nashville attorney and CEO of his own entertainment company, where he signs and produces new acts under development.  William and Tommy have contacts and/or co-publishing with some of the biggest writers in town and are actively working to match the right song with the right artist, producer and development.  They work closely with most major labels (RCA, Capital, etc.) and have joint ventures with some for the development of artists and their careers.

We have attempted to describe DRP very briefly, along with the function and key personnel of each division.  The structure, personnel, client list and projects are too numerous to present here.  Key personnel, clients, artists and projects are available elsewhere on this website.  You can easily access this information by just clicking on the appropriate name or returning to the home page. 

If you are an artist looking for help and career advancement, a writer looking for publishing and ways to get your songs cut, a cable or network affiliate looking for production and/or finished shows, ready to air, an investor looking for opportunities and above average returns, or just happen to be surfing the web, we welcome and encourage you to find out more about DRP, GMI and other affiliated companies or joint venture partners.  For more information, call 615-346-5515 or e-mail us at info@deepredproductions.com